Mathematics / English Teacher

Andrew Toft

Andrew has many years full-time teaching experience in schools within the education authority of Stockport. He particularly specialises in teaching core modules of English, Maths and Science as well as some non-core subjects in the Key Stage Two. For several years he has taught within the State System but more recently he moved into the Independent Sectors, where the primary objective is to prepare children for entering the independent senior schools. Thus, much of his teaching focuses on Maths, English and preparation for the entrance examinations.

Andrew has also been a private tutor within the Chinese community for several years. He has had continued success with his teaching, enabling many children to successfully progress and enter the grammar and independent senior schools.

Whilst recognising that English and Maths are essential, he believes however that every child needs a broad and balanced curriculum. Providing children with the awareness of the wider world is fundamental to their development. Andrew himself has many wide-ranging interests and is keen to benefit children from this knowledge. Arousing a child’s interest in these other areas, particularly science, will improve their learning sphere. Indeed, many topics for his English teaching are based on science themes.

In addition to the knowledge of a particular subject, there are many other qualities that a successful teacher should have. Andrew believes that being able to motivate and inspire children is important for optimum teaching and learning to take place. The ability to communicate and explain in a clear and effective way is of great importance as well. He emphasises that recognising any doubts or misgivings which a child might have is also crucial to their progress. He is also aware of the importance of proper social and ethical values in the child, and that developing these is key for a better personality.

A good relationship built on mutual trust and respect should be established and maintained between teachers and students, as this will enable the students to feel confident and assured. Moreover, the process of teaching and learning must be constructive and enjoyable as well since.