studies culture extensively
disciplines himself with propriety

- Analects of Confucius

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About Our School

Bowen Education is located in Manchester, which was founded in 2020. The school’s philosophy is to “Blend Chinese and Western cultures to nurture international talent”. The school has a team of professional teachers with moral character. 

Chinese language teaching is the core of the school, which is focuses on students’ five skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating. In addition to Chinese, the school offers courses in French, Spanish, Japanese and other languages. 

The school has a range of tutorial courses including GCSE, A-level, HSK, Oxford and Cambridge interview training, and sport clubs such as Chinese dance, Chinese Kong fu and netball. The school organises regular visits to museums, universities and factories. The school has Bowen Charity, which works with students to do community service and contribute to the community.

Bowen also invites talented people from different fields to give free lessons to children and parents on topics such as education, property, law and taxation, helping the Chinese to gain the latest knowledge and information.

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Bowen Holiday Camp Summer Camp 2023

Bowen Education in partnership with Manchester City Council are happy to invite young people aged 5 to 11 to participate in a holiday camp. With an array of activities, your children can stay active in a fun, safe environment.   The Activities they will have: Dance: Zumba, Jazz, Indian Dance, Street Dance Sports: Football, Badminton, […]

2023 Easter Holiday

Easter is a joyful holiday that celebrates new beginnings, hope, and the triumph of light over darkness. It’s a time for family, friends, and loved ones to come together, share in the spirit of renewal, and create lasting memories. We’re so proud and happy to present our ways of celebrating Easter with children through chess, […]

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    Headmaster Jessica Jessica graduated from a well-known university in the UK with a bachelor’s degree in education.  She holds a passion for social responsibility. By building a Chinese school, Bowen to spread Chinese culture, she hopes not only to enrich the lives of those in the community but also to create a lasting legacy.  Bowen would […]

    Catherine Zhu

    Head of Activities and Teacher

    Head of Activities and Teacher Catherine Zhu Mrs Catherine graduated from the Economics Department of Shandong University and holds a Master’s degree in Banking and Finance from the UK. She is a highly respected education professional who has a passion for education and an enthusiasm for promoting and spreading Chinese culture. As a senior management […]

    Jenny Mei

    Register Officer and Coordinator for Beginners

    Register Officer and Coordinator for Beginners Jenny Mei Ms Jenny Mei is the Register Officer & Coordinator for Beginners at Bowen Education. She has extensive experience in early childhood education. Prior to working in the UK, Jenny has been employed as a senior trainer and English teacher in a chain kindergarten in Guizhou Province, China,. […]

    Ella An.

    Dance & Chinese Teacher

    Dance & Chinese Teacher Ella An. Ms. An graduated from Guangxi Normal University and has obtained the Level 2 Certificate in Mandarin and a Kindergarten Director Certificate.  She has over 12 years’ teaching experience, with a special attention to the Chinese-language, Chinese dance, folk dance and ballet teaching to children aged 4-6. Meanwhile, she also […]