Head of Activities and Teacher

Catherine Zhu

Mrs Catherine graduated from the Economics Department of Shandong University and holds a Master’s degree in Banking and Finance from the UK.

She is a highly respected education professional who has a passion for education and an enthusiasm for promoting and spreading Chinese culture. As a senior management teacher at a Chinese school in the UK, she has won countless praises and trust from students and parents due to her unique management style and personal charisma.

Mrs. Catherine has unique insights into the integration of Chinese and English education. She firmly believes that interest is the greatest driving force for learning and persistence. Compared to academic achievement, cultivating children’s interest in things, self-awareness, and self-confidence is of greater long-term value. Therefore, she is committed to designing various leisure, sports and social activities for students, improving their music and art appreciation literacy, and enriching their social practice experience, laying the foundation for their comprehensive development and future success.

With a sincere hope for the future of Chinese children, Ms. Catherine strives to create a high-quality Chinese school for them. She is dedicated to providing professional and excellent education services to Chinese children, enabling them to have a brighter future.