Chinese Cantonese Teacher


Ms Ellen obtained a Bachelor Degree in Chinese Literature, as well as gained Postgraduate Diploma in Education in The Chinese University of Hong Kong. 

Ellen has over 15 years Chinese teaching experience in state school. Apart from providing effective learning task to students as a subject teacher, Ellen was a Chinese Language Subject Panel Head during her service at state school, she knew various methods of teaching and instruction. She was always so dedicated to facilitating the implementation of the plans. 

Ellen is enthusiastic and caring, has her own love of learning and inspires students with her passion of education. She has experience in interacting with student of different abilities, but always set reasonable expectations for all students. She realizes that the expectations for her students greatly affect their achievement. 

She was successful in implementing a classroom management plan that was based on positive reinforcement and active learning. She believes these approaches utilized in the classroom contributed to creating an atmosphere of respect, discipline and joy in learning