Jan Lam


Operations Manager

Jan Lam

Jan Lam graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a bachelor’s degree in physics. He moved to the UK with his family in October 2022. He starts a new chapter of life in Manchester as an administration officer in Bowen. Prior to moving to the UK, he worked in the financial industry as an investment analyst in Hong Kong for more than 13 years.

One of the aspects of his job that brings him immense pride is serving as a bridge between the local Hongkongers community and Bowen Education. Working at Bowen, he has the privilege of assisting Hongkong children and parents in navigating the nuances of the UK’s education system, which significantly differs from that of Hong Kong. It’s incredibly satisfying to be part of their journey and help them adapt to this change.

He thoroughly enjoys engaging with fellow Hongkongers who have also found their way to the UK for various reasons. They share invaluable experiences and insights, making this transition much smoother for one another.

He is passionate about fostering connections and creating a supportive environment for those undergoing similar transitions. He looks forward to continuing this enriching journey and contributing positively to the local community in the UK.