English and Chinese Teacher


Josh is a versatile teacher with eight years of experience teaching English in China and is also proficient in teaching Chinese. Having lived in China for many years, he has a deep understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture, enabling him to integrate language and culture seamlessly and bring a rich and diverse language learning experience to his students.

During his eight years in China, he taught in various educational institutions, including primary, middle, and high schools, as well as English training for adults. He experienced teaching students of different ages, backgrounds, and learning needs, accumulating rich teaching experience. After returning to the UK, he also taught Chinese to adults for three years. He emphasizes students’ personalized needs and learning characteristics, enabling them to master language knowledge and improve language abilities in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere through various teaching methods and practical language applications. 

As an outstanding teacher, he emphasizes continuous optimization of teaching effectiveness and methods, and actively participates in curriculum design and teacher training to improve the professional level of the entire teaching team. His teaching style is professional, rigorous, and effective, and is deeply loved and trusted by students and parents.