Teaching Assistants


Lewis Evans is a University of Salford graduate working as a full-time Teaching Assistant in Walkden. Lewis enjoys the communicational side of being a TA, conversation and interactions with children of all ages can be very rewarding and he has a wealth of wholesome and funny stories in his relatively short career. 

Lewis started working for Bowen Education in late 2021, writing their social media posts and helping with public outreach. Then, in Easter 2022, he started working part time for Bowen’s holiday camps. There he gained his first full experience as a TA working with children from ages 5-9. What he valued most from this experience was being able to work and get along with children from a variety of different places and cultures, and the opportunity to run some classes as a Teacher was a huge learning experience that has cemented Lewis in a career of education. 

As of September, Lewis has been working full time at Co-op Walkden Academy where he has learned a plethora of valuable knowledge to move him forward in his journey as well as giving him a better ability to adapt to a fast-paced day to day environment.

Lewis also enjoys writing stories, watching movies, and playing table tennis and has been learning Japanese in his spare time. He looks forward to more amazing and life-affirming experiences working for Bowen Education and beyond.