English Teacher


11+ Tutor / English Teacher / Esol Specialist 

Will has ten years teaching experience, starting his journey as an ESOL teacher in Xi’an, China in 2013. He then moved to Italy where he spent a number of years working in primary and secondary schools, teaching English as a foreign language. 

Since his return to the UK, he has continued teaching English to speakers of other languages, working for Manchester City Council (MAES), he has also turned his focus towards preparing students for the 11+ and independent school exams. He currently works on behalf of a charity at a number of primary schools across Manchester helping students from less privileged areas in achieving this. As a bursary recipient himself, he recognises the importance a good education can have, in opening doors for students throughout the rest of their lives, and takes pride in his ability to facilitate students in unlocking their full potential. 

He graduated with a first class honours degree and has been CELTA qualified since 2016. He aims to make sure all his lessons are challenging, yet engaging, for all students. His TEFL lessons can be targeted towards the Cambridge, IELTs, or Trinity exam formats; he has extensive experience teaching all of them. Each 11+ tuition session will aim to target the four areas covered in the exams: English, Maths, VR, and NVR. It is important to recognise that motivating students, both in and out of the classroom, is key to success in all subjects, and the 11+ is no different. As such, activities in lessons will be stimulating and delivered enthusiastically, with children looking forward to attending their lessons each week. By the end of a full syllabus, students will be confident and able in their abilities before taking what is a challenging exam.